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Asked: December 03, 2016 by administrator
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Even 'Weasel News' admits that the current economy is in full recovery. So do all the business magazines and most economists... so we can say that the Trump junta will walk into an economy that's several hundred percent better than the economy that Barack had when he took over from the Bush administration. Wages of course are way too low compared to the massive profits garnered by the tran national corporations that ARE the economy. Tax increment is way too low because corporations refuse to pay their taxes...instead they use their profits to buy out smaller corporations for billions of dollars to increase market share. Given that we'll have to continue to borrow particularly to pay for our 800 billion dollar a year military and security budget....slated to increase, or so says Donald! 

Many of these so-called 'American corporation have fled to China and India as those countries have several billion consumers as opposed to our paltry 350 million consumers. Those folks work cheap.... in Mexico a factory worker makes five dollars a DAY...not an hour..a DAY! Meanwhile the goods manufactured in these 3rd world hellholes are sold in this country for the same price as if they were manufactured in the US by union labor. 

We actually don't know what the Trump regime will do or not do...I hope that American worker will catch a break, so far nothing these people have said makes a lot of sense, and what makes sense may not be possible to do. The tension mounts!

Answered: December 03, 2016 by administrator

If we read a lot in economics we'd at first guess more likely than not he'd do some damage through disrupting trade, which would have mixed effects, and be partly compensated for. But.....but that would require presuming he'd do what he said he'd do. 

I don't make that presumption. I think he changes his course of action routinely, modifying it as he goes along. actually a good thing. 

So, a plausible outcome is he won't have much affect one way or another. 

But, that isn't the only plausible outcome. With enough serious mistakes, he could help do some damage, if he could sway enough people to make Congress go along with him. 

But I think that Congress will offset that side pretty well. 

So I expect that under Trump the economy will go *just exactly like it would with Hillary*. 

Like this --> just the same as it has been, wages on the bottom continuing to be low and life for those people hard... 

...due to the pressure of increasing competition from machines, automation, software. Just as now.

Answered: December 03, 2016 by administrator